~Eratkan Ukhuwah Gerakkan Islah~


~ Friday, March 10, 2006

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious
"Say if you love Allah then follow me so Allah Loves you". (3, 31)
Praise be to Allah, peace and blessing be upon His Prophet Muhammad and those who follow his way

The world popular protest of insult of some Western media towards Islam's prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, reflected the significance of unified stances of the Islamic states. The Muslim Brotherhood which firmly believes in the Islamic unity especially in face of challenges accepts the sincere call of Mr. el-Kady Hussein, the Leader of the Pakistani Islamic Movement. In addition, the group appeals to all Arab and Islamic nations along with free people over the world who respect sacred objects and protect freedom of faith to stage a stand on Friday, March 3rd to express, in a civilized manner, their fury, protest, and condemnation of attempts of deformation of Prophet Muhammad. In this respect we would like to assert:

Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, occupies an unchallenged position in hearts of Muslims. For Muhammad is the seal of honorable prophets and the herald of the magnificent message of Islam to all mankind. He is the ultimate example and model in all aspects. Therefore, believing in him is fundamental. Muslim's faith is scarred unless Muhammad's love takes precedence in heart. Accordingly, Muslims are ordained to love, glorify, and defend the noble prophet.
If Islam regards freedom: of faith, ritual, criticism and _expression, gathering, and peaceful protest, a fundamental right, it does not mean mockery or desecration or disparage of things held sacred.
The cartoons published in the Danish newspaper and bandied by others is an episode of a serial that targets Islam. I see the underhanded Zionist provocation behind these acts. The Danish newspaper were not to dare scorn the feelings of 1, 5 billion of Muslims unless it witnesses the inability and passiveness of Arab and Islamic nations.
This severe attack sparked the enthusiasm of Muslims over the world to defend Islam and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. As long as advocates of truth are there and ready to sacrifice all precious things, the outcome of this mean and repulsive conspiracy will turn back on its intriguers and their proponents.
Those people should sense that their vile attempts will fail and will adversely affect them. Therefore, we call on Muslims to boycott their products. We also urge Islamic and Arab governments to take crucial measures against the Danish administration via suspending diplomatic relations, lodging formal protests to international organizations, continuing protest and boycott till laws that incriminating desecration of sacred symbols are enacted. Furthermore, prompt endeavors to publicize Islam and the honorable Prophet Muhammad should be triggered.

Allah is He Who Guides to the right path
Muhammad Akef, the Muslim Brotherhood's Chairman

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